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Who is The Woodvale String Quartet?
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Both a leader and pioneer in wedding ceremony string quartet music performance for over 25 years, The Woodvale String Quartet continues to provide our clients with the perfect accompaniment to their most special event. We credit our longevity to our constant pursuit of excellence in both performance and client satisfaction. Our passion for performing weddings stems from the fact that they are among the most important and spiritually uplifting events for any couple, and we love playing a part in them.

Composed with the knowledge gained from our own years of experience, the FAQ page of the Woodvale String Quartet website has been used as the industry standard for years and appears on a multitude of string quartet websites throughout the USA. Our Ceremony music page has long been the go-to wedding music source for couples and their string quartets in this country and Europe. Our special music arrangements have been requested from California to the U.K.

By now you may have begun researching the far corners of the web to find that perfect music for your dream wedding or reception. Or you may not even know where to begin. Either way, we will be right there with you to guide you through the beautiful world of string quartet music from Classical to Coldplay, beginning with the many examples on this website.

When it comes to planning, it is important to us that your every detail and request be handled thoroughly, from dedicating the time necessary to help you create your dream wedding music program, to writing musical arrangements of creative requests. We will also coordinate with party planners, function managers and officiants to assure that the music runs smoothly throughout your event. We will be happy to incorporate other professional musicians as well as your friends or family members who wish to perform during the wedding ceremony, including singers, organists, pianists, trumpet players, etc., and coordinate the music with them directly to free you to concentrate on other details.

  • When you contact us, either via phone or email, you connect directly with a knowledgeable Woodvale String Quartet member, not a go-between or separate manager. This avoids any miscommunication, and allows your most critical musical questions to be answered immediately. It also means that you can usually catch us days or evenings. You won't have to call us from work, but from the convenience of your home, where you are not rushed. We are not contractors, sending out multiple string quartets and trios. There is only one quartet here.
The Woodvale String Quartet:  Lisa Kempskie, Robert Curtis, Lynne Canavan, Roger Kimball
  • Full-time, professional musicians with extensive training from music schools and conservatories in the U.S.. The quartet musicians have performed at hundreds of weddings, corporate parties, and social events, as well as concerts and recording.
  • Through our years of experience, we have carefully chosen an extensive repertoire of over 300 musical selections. Contained neatly in one book on our music stands, all music is easily accessable, creating a graceful flow from one piece to another. From the standard classical chamber music and light classical selections to jazz, pop and showtunes.
  • Expert music arranging services available...we will arrange virtually any piece of music if it is not available in print for string quartet. We are open to anything, from Jimi Hendrix to jazz. Our arrangements are requested by other string quartets throughout the country. Have that special song performed at your event! (Inquire about fees)
  • Our extensive demonstration CD containing 57 selections is extremely helpful in the process of organizing music. Conveniently, all of the music from our CD is on this website via the "Our Music" link. Coupled with our expert advice, this recording with its convenient table of contents and suggestions takes the guesswork out of planning music for a wedding ceremony.
  • Also available: In the spirit of the larger jazz orchestra, consisting of a core jazz quartet supplimented with string quartet, The North Star Jazz Ensemble and The Woodvale String Quartet have joined their talents for a wonderfully warm, elegant jazz sound. More information and listening examples..

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